Mechanik do Rowerów Warszawa

Mobilny Mechanik do Rowerów w Warszawie

How I crashed my motorcycle in Poland


This week on Saffy Sprocket, follow my motorcycle tour around Europe and learn how I crashed my Suzuki Sv650 motorcycle in Poland on the way to the Tatra mountains


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Pobrane z Youtube Naprawa Rowerów – Konserwacja i Naprawa Rowerów – Najlepszy Sklep Rowerowy w Warszawie | Dojeżdżający do pracy, który pracuje jako mechanik rowerowy. Fachowa konserwacja i naprawa rowerów. Serwis rowerów elektrycznych. Mobilny Serwis Rowerowy. Najlepszy serwis rowerów elektrycznych w Warszawie.

Osoba, która dojeżdża do pracy, a także pracuje jako naprawa rowerów. Rowery są poddawane specjalistycznym pracom konserwacyjnym i naprawczym. Serwis rowerów elektrycznych. Mobilny Serwis Rowerowy. Największy serwis rowerów elektrycznych w całej Warszawie.

Danie klientom możliwości dostarczenia ich rowerów elektrycznych bezpośrednio pod ich drzwi. Oferujemy konserwację rowerów elektrycznych, a także naprawy, serwis i ocenę rowerów naszych klientów. Pod uwagę wzięto Warszawę i tereny bezpośrednio ją otaczające. Mechanik z uprawnieniami, który specjalizuje się w rowerach elektrycznych. Zapewnienie alternatywy dla usługi roweru elektrycznego „od drzwi do drzwi”. Zajmujemy się konserwacją, naprawą, serwisem i przeglądami rowerów elektrycznych. Warszawa i tereny bezpośrednio ją otaczające. Mechanik z uprawnieniami specjalizujący się w rowerach elektrycznych. Serwis Rowerowy Warszawa | Mechanik do Rowerów z Dojazdem. Profesjonalny serwis rowerowy Serwis e-bike Mobilny Serwis Rowerowy. Naprawa rowerów elektrycznych Warszawa.

Serwis rowerów elektrycznych z opcją door to door. Naprawiamy, serwisujemy, przeglądamy i konserwujemy rowery elektryczne. Warszawa i okolice. Mechanik rowerów elektrycznych z dojazdem. Mechanik rowerowy, który również dojeżdża do pracy w najlepszym warszawskim warsztacie rowerowym. Rowery są fachowo serwisowane i naprawiane. Wypożyczalnia rowerów elektrycznych. Usługa transportu rowerów. Najlepsze miejsce na naprawę Twojego roweru elektrycznego w Warszawie.

Osoba, która dojeżdża do pracy rowerem i zarabia na życie naprawiając rowery. Profesjonalny serwis i naprawy są dostępne dla rowerów. Wypożyczanie rowerów elektrycznych. Wygoda mobilnego sklepu rowerowego. To czołowy warszawski serwis rowerów elektrycznych.

Klienci mogą otrzymać swoje nowe rowery elektryczne prosto pod drzwi. Oprócz naprawy, serwisowania i oceny rowerów naszych klientów zapewniamy również konserwację rowerów elektrycznych. Pod uwagę wzięto miasto Warszawa i najbliższe okolice. Technik z uprawnieniami specjalizujący się w motocyklach elektrycznych. Oferuje wygodną alternatywę dla konwencjonalnej dostawy rowerów elektrycznych. Zajmujemy się tuningiem, naprawami, serwisowaniem, przeglądami i ocenami rowerów elektrycznych. Stolica Polski i jej okolice. Ekspert, uprzywilejowany mechanik, który koncentruje się na motocyklach elektrycznych.

39 thoughts on “How I crashed my motorcycle in Poland

  1. Well done Saffy, you kept yourself calm and continued on with the journey, I remember coming off mine fully loaded and trying to pick it back up as well, confidence blow a side, I was absolutely knackered trying to lift the thing 🤣

  2. Well done happens us all when we venture off on mucky lanes we're not used to.How tall are you?because I'm thinking an adventure bike would suit you like an xtz660 or a t7.you could have knobby tyres more suited to those lanes and you could stand up on your pegs and handle the bike much better in those conditions, adventure bikes are a taller bike too but you look tall enough to handle them with ease.I seriously think you did well there.

  3. That was a bit 8f a tumble and you handled it well. There will be more so don't worry lol….
    My thoughts immediately though is something that I was guilty 8f myself when I came of my Versys 1000 . I had simply too much weight high up. I now put my sleeping balls and bedding in my too box. The heavy stuff either goes across the back seat or in the bottom of the 2 side panniers. It makes a huge difference.
    Good luck Saffy though you are doing great … 😊😊😊

  4. If you ride off road and don't fall off, you aren't trying hard enough, lol. Going touring, let alone camping, at this time of the year makes you a candidate for the funny farm, I would rather watch it than do it. Fair play to you, and I hope the weather stayed calm for you.

  5. You dealt with that situation amazingly, well done. The relief when you got the bike back on its wheels was clear to see. Remember you are doing something that very few people are willing or able to do so keep up the great work.

  6. Saffi, I'm intrigued by your leg pouch / holster thing, I know you like to always wear something like that ….. why, is it comfortable and convenient or what ? Is your current one army surplus and would you recommend it over biker specific ones ? Which types have you used before ? Good luck with your trip and stay warm.

  7. Well done Saffy, you done really well coping with it as you did. You done nothing wrong other than becoming a little over confident of the speed you were at as you hit the muddy puddles, a number of things can then cause a bike to go down in that situation. And at least you were not to hurt either, and the bike I'm sure is fine.

  8. That was hard watching you go down. Or come off, as you might say. I could tell ur adrenaline was pumping. You do the same as me when I crash. You tell yourself over and over that ur fine until you believe it. Glad you weren't hurt.

  9. Look as far ahead as you can when in dirt roads. It helps you pick the best line – and steer clear of having to ‘cross over’ which invariably means a spill. Got to say, you did brilliantly.

  10. Well done saffy, after your spill rightly assessed the situation calmly while on an adrenalin rush. Liked the way you correctly used your back to lift the bike to avoid personal injury. This should also give you an idea for your next bike where this situation could happen again when riding alone. If you were my daughter I would be so proud of you.
    Ps hope rockets OK too.

  11. Both you and Rocket are battle hardened now, Saffy!
    Honda Adventure Centre course or similar ?
    You obviously enjoy exploring the country side (as do I) so it makes sense to orientate Rocket that way if poss ?
    I'm a non biker, so it would be interesting to hear what tyres would be better and how far they could take you, or whether you'd need a different bike and why.
    Would it have been worth sacrificing some trail tyres for the whole trip – how long do they last on & off road ?

  12. Here I was, caught in the moment, moving my head side to side trying to look around the leaf to check if Saffy and the sprocket rocket were ok! 😅

  13. Good to know that you are OK, Saffy. You need to get an adventure bike with knobblies to tackle those muddy tracks. At least you were on fairly soft earth. I recently dropped my 240Kg BMW (from stationary) on tarmac. Hadn't noticed the gradient to the right and put only one leg down – bike leaned too far over and I couldn't get leverage to pick it up again. I went down with the bike and I can say that tarmac is a lot harder than mud – it hurt. 😢Anyway, lesson learned – not to be repeated. Keep it RUBBER SIDE DOWN! 😄

  14. You did exactly the right thing to recover, didn't panic, thought about it and sorted it. The tyres let you down, once you get the mud packed in the tread you might as well be on slicks. Every days a learning day

  15. It's just a little mishap you're doing fine 👍it could have been a lot worse, you are on YouTube talking about it and learning from it. We learn from stuff like that,well done for raising awareness and money for the air ambulance 👍👍.

  16. As you discovered, when the bike starts to go on a slippery surface, it will quickly become uncontrollable. Good job you had a relatively soft landing and no injuries to yourself or rocket.. Very sensible to remove the luggage thereby reducing the weight for the lift. Methodical thinking saved the day. Take care Saffy.

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